Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services

Datadot offers B2B Consulting and implementation Services on Cloud Computing. Simplify your operations & reduce costs by using Datadot Cloud Computing services. Unleash the full potential of your Cloud Transformation in terms of continuous security and continuous compliance through automation.

We deliver scalable, expandable, seamless, secure and scalable software services as per client needs. We help you analyse and identify the suitable cloud option for your requirement by defining clearly about the strategies of cloud and the roadmap for its transformation. We follow the Cloud engineering cycle from – Strategy, Architecture, Design, Engineering, testing, Implementation, or DevOps – and thus ensure to meet your expectations and project goals.

  • Cloud solutions that are scalable, available, device flexible, efficient
  • Cost-efficient
  • Cloud security with centralized network services
  • Fast response time
  • Automate your IT process
  • Improve ROI of your IT investments

Cloud Consulting Services

Accelerate your business operations and stay competitive. Use Datadot Cloud consulting services that build the enterprise cloud adoption strategy in–line with your business needs at optimized cost and time without compromising on compliance standards. Our solutions are designed to cover end-to-end platform managed services including the solution architecture, active management, constant optimization & improvement. Get the comprehensive monthly reporting and 24×7 monitoring and automated system alerting.

  • Cloud Architecture & Deployment Solutions
  • Cloud Migration
  • Datacentre Systems
  • Infrastructure & Networking
  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Servers Environments
  • Storage & Virtualization Solutions
  • Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Use Datadot effective security solutions to safeguard your cloud environments. Our solutions help you visualize infrastructure instantly and identify misconfigurations and possible data breach points. Work with Datadot to detect the cloud security and compliance gaps and take preventive measures to avoid the disaster.

  • Prevent cloud cyberattacks and compliance penalties
  • Avoid Data loss
  • Stop unauthorized access
  • Automate the Security
  • Integrated Alert Management

Cloud Migration

Datadot helps you to seamlessly and quickly take the advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, from assessments to planning, through migrating your workloads, thus making your business transformation easy. Gain the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies faster by moving to cloud.

  • Identify the outcome
  • Plan & Manage the migration
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Migrations that is reliable and secure.
  • Work as one integrated unit with client engineering teams from early engineering stage

Cloud Engineering

Work with Datadot for seamless cloud solutions to drive agility and growth. Our team, with expert skills in engineering and implementing your existing products to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google’s Compute platform. Datadot helps you in leveraging the cloud and maximize your ROI, improve your scalability, reliability, and security.

  • Accelerate your application performance
  • Decompose relational databases to achieve scalability
  • Automate cloud security frameworks and solutions
  • Stringent compliance reporting
  • Achieve daily continuous deployments on cloud

DevOps Services

Take agility one step further with Datadot DevOps consulting services. Our team of Cloud automation experts are ready to assist with all your Cloud DevOps and SysOps needs.

  • Achieve Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Configuration management for your cloud infrastructure
  • Event Driven Automation and work flow services for deeper automation
  • Containerization for deployments
  • Automated large scale provisioning
  • Use orchestration tools
  • Expertise in custom automation

Cloud Analytics

Cloud Data Analytics solutions will ensure that the right analysis of data on wider scale will be made to make in-time business decisions. Datadot offers cutting edge Cloud Data Analytics Services to drive 360-degree Cloud transformation and gain competitive advantage by enabling enterprises to predict behavioural patterns, foretell product trends, enhance customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions. Our Cloud analytics solutions aids organizations to automate and quicken the reporting, planning and consolidation processes.

Cloud Analytics provides customized usage and cost information, from summary reports for business and finance teams down to details on individual instances for technical users.

  • Generate scheduled reports for monthly and annual spend projections
  • Keep track of deployment glitches with customizable alerts
  • Export consolidated or individual reports for specific accounts
  • Gain comprehensive view of cost over time with actual & amortized reports
  • Stay on top of expiring services or pricing plans

Cloud Architecture

If you’re building a public or private cloud, or seeking to update and enhance an existing cloud architecture, come to Datadot. We help our clients to –

  • Specify, deploy and manage infrastructure
  • Architect complex cloud migration solutions
  • Drive the deployment projects

With extensive experience and skilful team, we deliver software and value added services to companies with complex IT needs, thus ensuring an optimum return for your IT investments.

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Enterprise cloud computing creates new opportunities for businesses to reduce costs while enhancing business resiliency, flexibility, and network security.

As organizations undergo digital transformation, they need flexible and scalable access to – processing power, computer memory, and data storage. Enterprises can access these resources at a low cost by partnering with public and private enterprise cloud service providers. Enterprise cloud service providers deliver computing resources to their customers through the Internet – Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud.

  • Cost Savings
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Resiliency
  • Flexibility & Innovation

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