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Testing and validation are two important pillars of software development. This is because the actual efficiency of the software product is revealed only in this phase. After this phase, the reliability of the software is discovered which can also make or break a software product. Datadot offers robust testing processes that ensures superior user experience for the end-user, functional completeness and, most importantly, the final quality software product. We provide you the best solution for cost-cutting and building a high-quality competitive product in the market.

Our Testing Services focus on ensuring the functionality, reliability and stability of any product/service before it enters into production phase. Our team has several decades of collective experience as a test partner for some of the world’s best software products. We understand the catastrophic impact of errors and hence follow a unified process that includes the quality analysis, unit testing, functional testing, performance testing, etc. 

We have gained long-term success in conducting end-to-end testing to verify and validate the functionality in applications, devices, network, and webpages. Our team  committed to providing service with a plethora of tools and methodologies in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, eCommerce, Retail etc. 

Testing Services You can avail at Datadot


Automation Testing Services

Using the best minds and the right tools, we implement automation frameworks to create quick and reliable testing environments.


eCommerce Testing Services​

We have a specialized E-Commerce test team which offers the most comprehensive test case environment for e-commerce businesses.​


Functional Testing Services​

Our highly skilled team has an in-depth understanding of multiple business verticals. This allows us to deliver high-quality functional test cases.​​


Localization Testing Services​

With a global presence across multiple business verticals, we offer comprehensive localization testing solutions to meet all your needs.​


Mobile App Testing Services​

Our mobile app development team has developed the right processes and functional workflows to effectively test mobile apps.​


Performance Testing Services​

We have a great understanding of software application and performance limitations; this exposure helps us offer comprehensive performance testing services.​


API Testing Services​

We offer API testing services using the most advanced tools and technologies. This allows our client to deploy and broadcast across platforms on time, every time.


Cloud Testing Services​

We offer the latest testing services to validate and calibrate the client’s cloud applications and offerings which ensures smooth and reliable cloud services.


Manual Testing Services

We provide manual testing services that help our clients benefit from traditional manual testing cycles for the software releases.


Regression Testing Services

Our regression testing services offer the client a reliable and effective mechanism to carry out continuous development cycles.


Security Testing Services​

Our security testing services are the best across industry. We offer a comprehensive service package for validating security requirements across applications.


Usability Testing Services​

We offer comprehensive usability testing solutions to clients across the industry verticals where detailed first-hand user input feedback is important.

Our QA and Testing Approach

While a lot of projects demand a waterfall model of execution, we believe in executing agile methodologies and workflows. This helps us mitigate risks in the early development cycle and reduce the overall time of delivery of the project.

Our execution strategies when combined with our industry experience and recommended practices, allow us to emphasize on early testing, effective communication, and detailed project reporting. This not only improves the whole quality assurance process but also improves the features and functionalities of the project.

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